Nov 13, 2010

Gabe the Babe

There was this guy in college named Gabriel. My ladies and I called him Gabe the Babe. Upon meeting Stacia & Karl's wee little Gabriel for his newborn photo shoot, I began what seems to be sticking as his new nickname. Sure, it might fade away after his newborn-babeness turns into toddlerhood. But rest assured, come 18 years from now this no-longer-little guy will be cheering on the Fighting Irish while freshman girls giggle and whisper, "look - it's Gabe the Babe!" Thank you Stacia & Karl for welcoming me to create a cozy studio in your home. Props to grandma, grandpa and uncle for joining in the fun!


  1. Beautiful shots, Kenna! Keep up the good work.

  2. stunning! just stunning! I might be flying you out here when the next grandbaby is born.

  3. Thank Bruce & Lori. Lori - you know I'll travel for photo gigs!

  4. Love the details Kenna.. very cute!
    Looking forward to seeing more ;)