Apr 3, 2012

There's Nothing Hidden Under That Cowboy Hat

Don Giannatti & creativeLIVE producer Celeste Olds

I'm pumped for Don Giannatti's 3-day free live online Lighting Essentials workshop this Thursday - Saturday on creativeLIVE. But I'm excited in a very different way than I had been before today. I'm always eager to learn steps to take my lighting skills up a notch. Don, a.k.a. @wizwow, arrived in Seattle this afternoon and I now realize being with Don this week will push my own self-reflection much further than thinking about where, when, why to light a subject or an image in a particular way.

In the past few hours as we were getting Don situated and comfortable at the creativeLIVE studio, we had a long chat about life, sense of place, photography, family, education, writing, music, dance, fine art photography masters, advertising and much more.

Don has a warmth and sparkle in his eye when he talks about how he genuinely loves being a teacher. It's his legacy. Don is strong, opinionated and proud of it. He's not hiding anything underneath his trademark cowboy hat - he's laying it all out there. As many of you know, I love when creativeLIVE workshops touch me so deep that I tear up, on camera, live in front of (and along with) the world. When I somewhat jokingly asked Don if there would be tears this weekend, he said perhaps not on his part. Then he suggested I read his latest blog post and that I might therein find tears. Well, you got me Don.

I'm moved by Don's brilliant writing style in this post - it's ripe with emotion in a way that I had not expected...  A Drive Through Northern Arizona on a Sunny Day 

Don's post also reminds me that I miss writing. It's an artform that I have not made the time for in my life of late. Thank you Don - for sharing, for inspiring.

I invite you all to sign up for three days of learning about much more than photography and light with Don Giannatti April 5-7th. It's free online during the live event. I'll be there to ask Don your questions from anywhere across the globe!