Aug 24, 2014

Daily Cuba 42. Feel the warmth

Havana Vieja, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Early morning warmth in Havana Vieja, Cuba. Can you feel the warmth?

Aug 18, 2014

Daily Cuba 41. Working cigars

Viñales Valley, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
I think nearly every farmer I saw in Viñales Valley was working on a cigar as well as the fields.

Aug 17, 2014

Daily Cuba 40. Stretch

Centro Por Danza, Havana, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
A dancer stretches before rehearsal at the Centro Por Danza ballet school in Havana, Cuba.

Jul 27, 2014

Daily Cuba 39. Lights Still On

Old Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Early morning. Street lights still on. Stroll through Old Havana, Cuba.

Daily Cuba 38. Havana mornings

Old Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014

Jul 15, 2014

Daily Cuba 37. Salvavidas

Ferry from Habana Vieja to Regla, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Salvavidas, a.k.a. life preservers, makes me think of salvation too. Short ferry ride from Old Havana to an area called Regla, which was one of my favorite neighborhoods to photograph.

Jul 9, 2014

Daily Cuba 36. Girl and a Doll

Regla, Outside Havana, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Daily Cuba 36. Portrait of a girl and her doll. I had one of those when I was her age...

Jul 7, 2014

Daily Cuba 35. Doors Open

Regla, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Daily Cuba 35. Doors open, welcoming in strangers and friends alike. Thanks to our photo guide Nestor, we did go inside to meet the family and see their home with mid-century modern furniture - the real deal!

Jun 25, 2014

Daily Cuba 34. Decisive Moment

La Habana, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
It's all about the decisive moment. Nod to Henri Cartier-Bresson!

Jun 5, 2014

Daily Cuba 33. Pop

La Habana Vieja, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Colors pop all over town! Next to El Capitolio, the 1926 capitol building being refurbished for Cuba's National Assembly to use once again. Learn more about the history of the building

Jun 4, 2014

Daily Cuba 32. Colon Deco

Colon Cemetery, Havana, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Art deco is found all over Havana, including at the Colon cemetery - 'one of the great historical cemeteries of the world, and generally held to be the most important in Latin America in historical and architectural terms, second is La Recoleta in Buenos Aires.' 

Curious? Read more on wikipedia!,_Havana

Jun 2, 2014

Daily Cuba 31. Fishing the Malecon

The Malecon, Havana, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
The 5-mile long Malecón (esplanade + seawall) is where life happens in Havana - day and night! I loved the silhouettes of these guys fishing. More fun facts about The Malecón here on Wikipedia

Daily Cuba 30. UNESCO Heritage site

Viñales Valley, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
The Viñales Valley is a UNESCO heritage site because of its largely unchanged agriculture methods, mainly for tobacco. Want to know more? Check out the UNESCO site - pretty cool to read about what makes a UNESCO site like this UNSECO-worthy!

May 28, 2014

Daily Cuba 29. Boys of Viñales

Viñales, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Portrait of two boys from Viñales, looking oh-so-serious. Would have been fun to ask them to tell me a joke.

May 27, 2014

Daily Cuba 28. Hood horns

Taxi stand. La Habana Viejo, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
The old car images just don't get old, for me that is.... Check out these horns! Havana, Cuba. 

May 26, 2014

Daily Cuba 27. Blue and more blue

Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Eyes match the car match the shirt. Who wore it best? For me, eyes. Havana, Cuba

May 25, 2014

Daily Cuba 26. Boy on a bus

Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Boy on a bus. La Habana Viejo.

May 24, 2014

Daily Cuba 25. Form

Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Beautiful architecture in beautiful condition at the ballet school, Centro Pro Danza in Havana, Cuba.

May 23, 2014

Daily Cuba 24. Get your fresh coconuts

Outside Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman
Fresh coconuts. Get your fresh coconuts! Outside La Habana, Cuba.

May 22, 2014

Daily Cuba 23. Wings of Old Glory

Old Havana Taxi Stand, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman
The central taxi stand in Old Havana is full of classics, but is by no means a museum. These beautiful cars are many locals prime mode of transportation as drivers wait for groups of folks going to the same destinations.

May 21, 2014

Daily Cuba 22. He means business

Old Havana corner bar. Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
This bartender? He means business. Open corner bar, Old Havana. Cuba. 

May 20, 2014

Daily Cuba 21. Namibia

Namibia. Havana, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Namibia - she's the only professional national-level female boxer in Cuba, and she is one tough woman whose spirit shines through not only when she's training herself but also training kids at the Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym in Havana, Cuba.

May 19, 2014

Daily Cuba 20. Just propped

Old Havana, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Just propped up til I get my new wheels, said the red one. This old beauty is surely on it's way back in the game.

May 18, 2014

Daily Cuba 19. Lonely shelves

Corner store. Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
The shelves in Havana, Cuba are often a little lonely.

Daily Cuba 18. Who's in and who's out?

The Cuban national sport.  Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Who's in and who's out? Really cool to watch two church teams play a casual game of baseball in Havana, Cuba.

May 15, 2014

Daily Cuba 17. Lights On?

Cuban ingenuity in action. La Habana.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
This image represents the absolutely astounding ingenuity that Cubans have to keep cars from the 1950s and 40s alive and running. All full of color too.

May 14, 2014

Daily Cuba 16. Behind the crumble

Home. Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Walking the streets of La Habana Viejo, you peek inside open-door passageways that certainly lead to nowhere. Surely no one lives in these buildings that seem to be crumbling and abandoned. Not so! This fine gentleman invited us into his home. Through curious hallways, rickety stairs, and crumbling buildings, there is HOME. Our guides explained that if people have money to fix up their home, they are going to spend it on the inside of the space, not the outside. It's not about what it looks like to outsiders, but whatever comforts they can add inside.

May 13, 2014

Daily Cuba 15. No Black and White

Central Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
There's no such thing as black and white in Havana, Cuba.

May 12, 2014

May 11, 2014

Daily Cuba 13. John wears the hat well

John Greengo. Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014

Daily Cuba 13. John Greengo wears that Cuban hat well! We surprised our travelers with a ride in classic convertible taxis on the way to our farewell dinner. It was a blast! Thank you John for partnering up with me to co-lead the trip. Brilliant idea! 

May 10, 2014

Daily Cuba 12. A night at San Cristobal

Group Photo! San Cristobal Paladar. Havana, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
We dined in style our final evening in Havana, Cuba at the privately owned paladar San Cristobal. The delicious food was complemented by high ceilings, art to look at everywhere, a visit from the owner/head chef, and fantastic service. Topped off with complimentary cigars and aged Cuban rum like you've never tasted before! Ladies - be sure to check out the bathroom too - gorgeous!

Christine Battiste, our polaroidographer of the trip, saved just enough for each of us. Thanks Christine!!

May 9, 2014

Daily Cuba 11. Morning light

Gorgeous morning light in Havana streets.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Old Havana streets have gorgeous light in the morning and evenings. The Cuban flag flies proudly.

Daily Cuba 10. Let's dance.

Centro Pro Danza. Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Centro Pro Danza in Havana was founded by Laura Alonso in 1988. The school serves 850 students of all ages. We met dancers and watched them practice and rehearse. Very intense!

May 7, 2014

Daily Cuba 9. Coming, Going, or Hanging Out?

Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Not sure if that stove was coming, going, or just hanging out. Life in the streets of Havana.

May 6, 2014

Daily Cuba 8. Surgery

Regla. Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Don't fret. Internal surgery is complete and they're gearing up to get this beauty back on the road. We popped in to a repair shop while exploring the gorgeous neighborhood of Regla, across the bay from Old Havana.

May 5, 2014

Daily Cuba 7. Twins?

Good Friday, Stations of the Cross Procession. Havana, Cuba.
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Twins? Hermanas for sure, bringing up the rear during a Good Friday Stations of the Cross procession in Old Havana. Daily Cuba 7.

May 4, 2014

Daily Cuba 6. Porch Entrepreneurs Young and Old

La Habana Viejo
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Entrepreneurs young and old sell goods in front of their homes as commerce laws in Cuba continue to relax. 

May 3, 2014

Daily Cuba 5. Restoration School

Restoration School. Havana, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Teens in training to learn how to restore buildings, furniture, art. Lots of work to be done. 

May 2, 2014

Daily Cuba 4. El Capitolio

El Capitolio, Havana, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Many narrow streets lead to the National Capitol Building, El Capitolio. 

Daily Cuba 3. For the Love of Baseball

Havana, Cuba. (c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
Do Cubans love baseball? Oh yes, yes they do.

Apr 30, 2014

Daily Cuba 2. Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym

Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym. Havana, Cuba
(c) Kenna Klosterman 2014
A true sparkle in his eyes! The Rafael Trejo Boxing Gym trains kids and adults to compete in Cuba's second favorite sport. This little one was particularly fierce in the ring and smiling outside the ring. I think he's got a great future in the sport!

Apr 29, 2014

Daily Cuba 1. Havana chess

Havana, Cuba. (c) Kenna Klosterman 2014

Do Cubans play chess out in front of their homes, in parks, and on the streets? Of course! This image begins a series of life in Havana, Cuba from my recent people-to-people cultural exchange trip, co-led by me and John Greengo