Jul 26, 2013

Journey to Cuba with John Greengo and me!

We've been working on this special plan for months. Today John Greengo and I are thrilled to announce an opportunity of a lifetime. We invite 12 travelers to join us on a People to People Cultural Exchange to the beautiful country and culture of Cuba!

For those of us here in the USA this has not been possible until 2011 when the laws were changed and now under special guidelines it’s 100% legal. We’ll be traveling under a license from the US government for “People to People Cultural Exchanges.” We've created a tailor made schedule where we'll meet and interact with individual Cubans and a variety of community groups. These encounters will undoubtedly make for special memories and intimate photographic moments.

The best time is now!
As the door to Cuba has now squeaked open just a little bit, it's the perfect time to see and experience its distinctive culture, history, music, dance, art, architecture and cuisine. It's possible that this opportunity won't last long if the people-to-people diplomacy licenses are repealed. But it's also possible that travel from the USA might become more open in the future. If so, the ability to experience Cuba's traditional culture and mystique may disappear at an accelerated rate.

This trip is open to all, no matter where you hail from and no matter what your interest in photography is. We will be focusing on meeting people and experiencing the culture, good times and learning experiences are sure to be had by all.

Why travel with John & me?
John and I have followed different paths exploring the world with our cameras and have now joined forces for this one-of-a-kind trip. With a checklist of over 60 countries visited and 50 years of combined photography experience, we're both seasoned and savvy travelers, thrilled about the opportunity to co-lead this Cuban adventure for you. Once in Cuba we're teaming up with local guides and experienced photography guides from Cuba Cultural Travel who specialize in connecting travelers with locals for an intimate experience. Bringing Americans to Cuba since 1999, CCT's relationships in Cuba with people in the world of art, dance, education, medicine and music will provide us with a privileged access that few can hope to achieve on their own.

Important Trip Details

  • April 16-23, 2014: Depart and return to Miami FL, USA
  • Small group size of max 12 travelers + guides
  • Airfare from Miami to Havana + 8 nights in hotels + many meals included
  • Deposit of $1,000 secures your spot, first come first serve
  • $4,495 Double occupancy (Need a roommate, let us know)
  • $4,795 Single occupancy
Are you saying to yourself, "I'm in?!" Check out the itinerary here and request a reservation form from john@johngreengo.com

We look forward to seeing who the 12 travelers in this journey to Cuba will be. Will it be YOU?!

Jul 21, 2013

CC Chapman shares super spidey tips on Google+ - Social Media Bootcamp BTS!

C.C. Chapman shares a brilliant tip on using Google+ as a photo backup system for your mobile phone. Who knew?! Not me! C.C., author of "Content Rules" & "Amazing Things Will Happen" kicks off a 3-day Social Media Bootcamp on creativeLIVE July 22-24th. RSVP for FREE: http://www.creativelive.com/courses/social-media-bootcamp and tune in at 9am July 22th!

Follow CC Chapman on TW & IG: @CC_Chapman and http://cc-chapman.com