Mar 21, 2013

Three Green Cheers to Health & Energy with Tamara Lackey

Green eggs and ham? Not today. Green juice and black bean veggie burgers made from scratch and grilled to perfection. It was a super energizing day with Tamara Lackey's All In One Life: Health & Energy class on creativeLIVE. Tamara - you've blown my mind again! Join Tamara and friends for another day of getting back in control of your health! Only YOU can decide to make the mental shift.  Let go of willpower and turn to willingness! We were honored to have special guests ultra marathoner Scott Jurek, master juicer Drew Canole and author/entrepreneur Chris Brogan. More all stars tomorrow with nutritionist Kathleen Putnam and Nerd Fitness' Steve Kamb. See you at 9am Pacific Time - be there or be green. Watch live for free: and ask Tamara questions through Kathy J and me using cL's chat rooms or #TamaraLIVE on Twitter!