Oct 28, 2010

Social art is good for the world

As I listen to Chase Jarvis give his keynote at PDN PhotoPlus Expo, I am inspired over and over. The energy is palpable even though I'm watching by myself in my pajamas over tea. As I read the twitter feed and see Chase ask questions from other folks around the world who are also glued to their screens, I feel connected. This is a beautiful thing. I am humbled and thrilled that my life path has twisted and turned so many times and brought me to my now, this moment. As Zack Arias says, it took him 15 years but he is finally in his element, finally where he is meant to be. Ditto. That's me. I feel like I'm part of a rebel club. "The career paths that we have been taught to follow no longer exist." Thank you for this reconfirmation in my choices. I am finally allowing myself to build my photography business, build my art, and share those pieces of me with the world. And they are not just pieces of me, because what I do is a collaboration. I too believe that is what it's all about - the sharing. As Chase says, it just feels good - "Being creative makes this world a better place."

Global warming, yes. But Chase notes that our global creativity is also plummeting, creating a different kind of crisis. So what do we do? Chase led a conversation with artists who also are breaking the mold: Jasmine Star, Joey Lawrence, Zack Arias, Rob Haggart, Vincent Laforet. Get better! Thank you each for sharing your struggles and hard work. I'm signing up to be fearless about putting myself out there, because leaping over those fears again and again is what got all of these artists to where they are today and where they are going tomorrow.

I will say it over and over, but I am so thrilled that I was in the right place at the right time and have the rare opportunity to be a chat host for Craig Swanson and Chase Jarvis' live worldwide creative classroom - creativeLIVE. Thank you Craig. Thank you Chase.

Democratization of creativity - it starts with you and me and the artist in everyone. Keep it going - get backwards, break the rules, flip whatever "IT" is on its head, wake up every morning and not just follow, but create your new path for the day. What are you sharing today?

Chase says "what is social art? i can't say exactly what it is, but i know it when i see it." Well, when i saw this video about photographer/social change artist JR, I can't think of any greater definition of social art. And what JR is creating and sharing is truly good for the world, one smile at a time.


  1. Great post! It has taken me a lot longer than 15 years to find my place. Not that I'm there yet. But I'm on the right path.

  2. great job kenna!
    i'll commit to putting myself out there and keep creating too.
    it is such a JOY to co-create with you my friend.

  3. I love this post, and i loved watching Chase and the others today. So inspiring!

  4. Lovely post Kenna..

    I organised a meet up with other in London to share knowledge and create too..

    Im so thankful to have met you, the cLIVE team and others..

    were definitely all better, together..

    Thanks for sharing!