Oct 18, 2010

More thrilling than pumpkin pie

Sure, I could make pumpkin pie anytime of year. But I LIVE for thanksgiving season pumpkin pie - it just tastes better. However, this thanksgiving season I am more thrilled about the next creativeLIVE weekend workshop. Mark your calendars for November 19-21, as celebrated children's photographer Tamara Lackey leads special 3-day worldwide workshop on the magic and art of child portrait photography.

Take a live, front-row seat with Tamara as she works with a wide range of kids. You'll watch as she works to put them at ease, gets them laughing, and coaxes out their natural personality for fun poses and great family portraits.

More importantly, you'll be part of an ongoing weekend conversation with fellow photographers arond the world about how to grow your own successful portrait photography business, while balancing personal and professional lives.

Professional photographers and moms looking to enhance your tricks of the trade - this workshop is for you. And it's FREE when streaming live.

What am I most grateful for this thanksgiving? That I will be participating in this event as a creativeLIVE chat host, representing all of you folks on the internet who are watching live and asking your questions to Tamara in person. This is the beauty of creativeLIVE - everyone is connected in the virtual global classroom.

But wait, there's more. As with their other big weekend photography workshops, creativeLIVE has set aside 6 seats for photographers from around the world to join Tamara in-person for this workshop in the creativeLIVE studios.

Watch the short video here from Tamara describing how to enter:

1. Record a 60-second video saying why you want to join Tamara in Seattle.
2. Post that video to YouTube, Vimeo, etc.
3. Tweet a link to @creativeLIVE and include the hashtag #TamaraLackey.

That's it. The deadline is October 27th - but the sooner, the better.

From the comfort of your own home, sign up now for a life-changing workshop: http://creativelive.com/courses/tamara_lackey/ and spread the word.

Read Tamara's blog post: 3-day creativelive workshop ... seattle, anyone?
For more on creativeLIVE: http://creativelive.com/


  1. It's still completely unfathomable to me that *anything* could be more thrilling than thanksgiving pumpkin pie.

  2. I enrolled... hope something doesn't come up between now and then!