Nov 19, 2010

Behind the Scenes - Day 1 with Tamara Lackey

Day 1 of Tamara Lackey's creativeLIVE 3-day workshop on children's portraiture is a dream come true. So many wonderful insights today, but my greatest AHA was on a personal note. As Tamara described her career pre-pro-photographer, all I heard in my head was - wait, that's so MY story! Job in the corporate world - feeling like it wasn't at all what i was called to do - take time to travel - came back to corporate job - oh no! - this still isn't for me - and finally allowed myself to take a leap of faith to build my photography business. Thank you Tamara for validating my career flip decision!

Watching Tamara interact with her subjects (kids and parents alike) during the "To The Tapes!" section of today's session was so inspiring. I'm definitely going to read some child psychology books to help me get in tune with my kiddo subjects. Tamara advised us to recognize who the kids are and get into their world - connect, quickly. Time to get some sleep, but wanted to give a shout out to our in-class workshop participants who flew to Seattle from around the globe to learn from Tamara directly. I look forward to seeing them in action tomorrow as they get a chance to shoot children in the creativeLIVE studio. You'll rock it! Here are some behind the scenes shots from today:

Day 2 starts in less than 10 hours - woot! woot!

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  1. Ha! I can totally relate Kenna.. being in a corporate world and trying to make it as a photographer..
    Cant believe she used to work for Accenture coding, then a Director and finally a HR recruiter..

    She knows her subjects very well.. It all comes with experience too and getting out there and actually doing it..

    The more you shoot, the better you'll get

    Keep shootin! you're on the right path x