Oct 22, 2011

Rick Sammon Explores the Light - Day 2

Rick Sammon's Skype interview with Hal "Bull" Schmitt was definitely a highlight today. But I think I most enjoyed Rick's social media marketing segment during Day 2 of his live online Exploring the Light workshop on creativeLIVE. It's incredibly easy to get overwhelmed by the massive number of social media outlets, as I often do. Yet it's a key part of our jobs as photog solopreneurs. Very key. At times social media seems less important than editing images or emailing clients, etc etc. But as Rick taught us today, "not enough time" is not an excuse - it's a matter of choice. As with everything in life. So I'm going to heed Rick's advice and carve out at least half an hour a day for social media marketing for my business. Yes, that's above & beyond my personal social media. Social media takes time, just like responding to emails, post-processing images, calling clients etc., etc. Perhaps I'll try setting a timer and then cut myself off - it's so easy to get sucked into the vortex of social media. What are your tips for managing social media for your business?

Here are more behind the scenes photos from today's fun filled workshop with Rick Sammon!

Today was my first Google+ Hangout. As we were about to go to lunch, creativeLIVEr Jason Bafile suggested in the chatroom that we do a G+ hangout. I've been wanting to start joining in G+ Hangouts but I hadn't yet. THANK YOU Jason for kicking us off on creativeLIVE Hangouts! I expect a lot more to come! ; )

See my full set of behind the scenes photos on Google+!

Join me tomorrow from anywhere around the world with an internet connection as Susan Roderick and I host the final day of Rick's FREE online live workshop on creativeLIVE. We'll pass your questions and comments along to Rick from the chatroom!


  1. Great Shots Kenna! You are the BTS QUEEN! xoxo

  2. err, that first pic, sorry Susan but you've gone downhill fast! lol

  3. Thank you for your awesome words to me! And you are so right about the Newbornclass, but then again. A lot of what we learn can be applied to any type of photography! Now I can´t wait to learn even more (and that Newbornclass would be so much fun)!