Oct 22, 2011

Behind the scenes with Rick Sammon on creativeLIVE

The man's energy is contagious. Walk in a room with photographer and educator Rick Sammon and instantly you feel ALIVE! Join Susan Roderick and me as we co-host Rick's free live online Exploring the Light workshop on creativeLIVE. We have a blast asking Rick questions on behalf of all of you watching around the world. Thank you Rick for teaching us today about exploring the light and SO much more - setting goals, using speedlites, working with models, photographing people and more.

My favorite part of today was how you pushed each of us to think about the question What Does Your Photography Mean to You? Yes, there were some tears. I'm so touched by all of the stories our creativeLIVE community is sharing on our new creativeLIVE forum. Thank you everyone for engaging with us - you are what makes creativeLIVE so special. Check out more behind the scenes photos here on Google+.

Want to know what this workshop is all about? Watch Susan and my pre-show interview with Rick Sammon as he walks us through the studio and talks about everything he's going to teach.

Tune in to the live stream on creativeLIVE Saturday & Sunday for SO much more learning! Thank you!

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