Mar 14, 2011

Gabe the Babe at 4 months - tummy time!

You may remember Gabe the Babe from his newborn portraits (here). Kids these days... they grow up so quickly! I had a blast photographing Gabriel once again for his 4 month photo shoot - the kid is a pro - a bona fide Gerber baby. 'You want me in a basket? Sure thing!' 'You want me doing tummy time? Anytime!' 'Mom and Dad walking with me? Good times!' Whatever we asked, whichever hat we adorned him with, he just chuckled and gave us that adorable smile (and of course the occasional spit up - but that comes with the territory!). ; ) In the blink of an eye he'll be crawling and walking. Let's do this again soon Gabe!


  1. Amazing shots of an amazing child! He is something else! You really captured him. I bet the parents are just ecstatic with these photos!

  2. What a cool little guy! He looks like he really enjoys being a model:)