Dec 3, 2010

Jeremy Cowart wears his art on his sleeve

Jeremy Cowart, founder of the global Help-Portrait movement, says that he wears his heart on his sleeve. I say he wears his ART on his sleeve. Talk about courage. Talk about generosity. And talk about going in front of a LIVE worldwide audience to create your art in real time. And not just any ole art, but experimental portraits that are each unique and one of a kind - glitter, laser beams and all. Thank you Jeremy and I can't wait to see what you teach us today in Day 2 of your creativeLIVE workshop.


  1. Great workshop! Also looking forward to day 2 !

  2. I hate that I had to miss the first day! Hopefully I can watch some today. Thanks for posting on your blog about it!-- Photography by Anna Rebecca, Nashville Wedding Photographer

  3. Great re-cap, Kenna! Thanks for including so many behind-the-scenes shots. Watching via the Internet was amazing -- but being there in person to watch Jeremy's ideas unfold must have been unbelievable.