Aug 31, 2010

Post-processing Jasmine Star

During the Jasmine Star wedding photography course, the creativeLIVE Five students discussed Chase Jarvis' blog post about the concept that "It’s easier to be inspired than it is to create." Thanks to J*, I am more inspired than ever before in my journey of building my portrait and humanitarian photography business. The fact that I'm not pursuing wedding photography didn't matter as I soaked in all of J*'s lessons about not only being a photographer, but also being a savvy businesswoman. If you didn't know it already, J* is one smart lady. She talks the talk (twice as fast as most) and walks the walk (even in those high heels!). I've heard it before, but Jasmine reinforced that being a successful photographer is 20% photography and 80% business. (Of course one's definition of "success" is another matter entirely, but you know what I mean.) I've got some work to do.

Behind the scenes & off camera, Jasmine and her right hand JD are 100% the real deal. One example is that during every lunch break, Jasmine & JD would insist that the cast & crew go ahead of them in line for food. When motioning for them to go ahead of me, they both said, "no, you all have been here longer than us today." I noticed this over and over in many ways. J* & JD - you are so gracious, take nothing for granted and you truly live & breathe the Jasmine Star experience.

To bring all y'all on the internet backstage, here are more behind-the-scenes photos of my J* experience.

Now it's time for me to create, to post-process all of the mental images imprinted in my mind from our collective 5-days of intense learning. Starting with blogging again, I'm putting myself out there to the universe so that said universe can hold me accountable. Next - redefining my brand, which truly is a reflection of me. My three words are candid, compassionate and soulful. I'll approach not only my photography, but all of the divisions of my brand with these 3 words in mind. I'll be working on incorporating these into my website, blog, client interactions, promos, business cards, thank you notes - every single touch point with a client.

I had an aha moment yesterday when my friend Tanya told me that she & her husband cried looking at the photos I took of her and her horse. She said, "When I look at your portrait of me, I see my true self. I see me and how I feel about life. That is truly a gift." Honestly I was pretty blown away by that and it helped reinforce what I seek to create in my photographs, and that I can do this. Thank you Jasmine, JD and creativeLIVE.

Shout out to the creativeLIVE Five: Audrey Smit, Nate Perkes, Sachin Khona, Stephanie Miller, Victoria de Martigny, my fellow "voice of the internet" Susan Roderick, and our beautiful bride Laura Marchbanks.

Can't wait to see what masters photography course Craig & Chase of creativeLIVE come up with next!


  1. Kenna!! You are awesome and inspiring yourself. I loved this blog post and will check back to make sure you're following through... and if you're not, I'll sick my cats on you ;) Your behind-the-scenes images are AWESOME. I love the shot of me, can you send it to me? I NEVER like photos of me, so this is high praise, I assure you. Your 3 words are perfect. They are a true reflection of your personality and they already shine through in your images.

    Best of luck with everything from your #1 fan in Montreal!!

  2. Great post, Kenna! I enjoyed looking at your behind the scenes photos. Love your three words. I am having a hard time coming up with mine. Good luck with your business!

  3. Great post Kenna, enjoyed all 5 days,going the watch it again in a few days. love the behind the scenes images

  4. Loved the post and behind the scene pics :) Your 3 words are just perfect to describe you and what you are trying to do with your photography. the path isn't easy, but I'm sure you'll come through it all :) Hugs!