Oct 19, 2008

Lori x2

I feel incredibly lucky to have just spent two weeks with my friend Lori for a second time this year (no, the cute kid is not Lori, but a charming Antigua lad). In the spring it was SE Asia - this time she came to explore Mayan ruins, lakes, villages, churches, cemeteries, markets, chicken bus rides and colonial towns of Guatemala.

Being lazy, I'm linking you to Lori's blog to read about our adventures. She's summed up our travels in several posts better than I could!

Photos to come...

I'm now planning to base myself in Antigua, Guatemala for the next 3-4 weeks to do some volunteer work with cute kiddos. The vibrant culture and lovely setting amongst volcanoes is perfect way to spend the majority of my remaining time on the road. I'll head back to LA from Nicaragua on Nov 24 to give thanks with my family there, then visit friends and family in No and So Cal for the month of Dec. Hard to believe I'm on my last leg! It's been quite a ride.

Oh, and try not to touch public walls - you never know what those walls have seen and felt... (see Lori's blog) And don't forget to pack heat when you come to Guatemala - you'll fit right in. It seems everyone, including Pepsi or meat delivery trucks, has armed guards with shotguns.

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  1. Hi kenna,

    this is emily - one of the american missionaries you met in croatia taking the train into zagreb. i just wanted to say hi! i found your business card in my stuff! i absolutely LOVE the pictures you have taken, i have been looking at all the many countries and places you have been to. WOW - that is amazing! i really hope you can use them for work as well. im back in the states - in irvine, ca and boy do i feel weird! i just got back 5 months ago or so and am in grad school. it feels all very weird for me. i wanted to say hi! this is my contact info: hendrickson.emily gmail com. take care! what will you do now?!