Jul 29, 2008

and then there was one

Seems I've forgotten that usually people write on a blog, not just post photos. Well, I've got a log of catching up to do. Varanasi seems ages ago. Certainly many miles away. So you'll have to excuse stories no longer flowing in chronological order. but time doesn't really matter... 

As I write (of course then it took me a couple weeks to post) I'm on a train to Salzburg after a month touring the Balkans with Susan. Sadly, very sadly, Ariella left us back in Turkey because she had places to go and people to see in France & England (and has recently returned home to Seattle - she's the bravest of us for facing re-entry first!).  Susan and I felt like a limb was missing, and certainly an emotional one was. Now I've lost another limb as Susan and I parted ways in Sarajevo mid-July. She's off to Copenhagen and I'm returning to Austria to visit my old hood. I studied photography in Salzburg back in '95 for a semester and haven't been back since.  So our summer chasing together is officially over - I couldn't have dreamed of two more amazing travel buddies. We have learned from and grown with each other in ways I think I'll continue to realize as time passes. Ladies - I'll be looking for you around corners as I continue my journey and while I likely won't see you, you'll be with me in spirit. 

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  1. great updates Kenna! Be careful out there and have fun! it sounds like as though you continue to have amazing adventures. Eleanor & Allan had their little ones, if you hadn't heard. Very exciting.