Jan 29, 2008

Aussie Aussie Aussie

First few days in Melbourne have been chock full of national events. Arrived on Australia Day to see drunken Aussies wearing flags as capes, or headresses made of hundreds of tiny aussie flags. girls in aussie flag bikinis, you name it. caught fireworks a la 4th of July, along with more drunken nationalist aussies. good times.

Day two Australian Open mixed doubles and men's finals. Nice timing. Bought grounds passes to watch the final matches on the big screen right outside the arena with the rest of the folks who couldn't afford to get inside, but wanted to feel the energy through the doors & walls of the stadium. Tsonga vs. Djokovic was a brilliant match til the end. Great drama as always. Serb and French fans alike adorned face paintings and chanted loudly, as expected. The 'treat' for us and our mates outside was a 45 minute performance by an australian teeny bopper band The Veronicas. Bad, but humorous to hear the lil' gals screaming in the front row.

Day 3 was the official bank holiday for Australia Day. Quiet as lots of folks were gone for the long weekend & businesses closed. I finally spent some time trying to organize and manage and keyword the over 3000 photographs i've already taken. yikes. it's quite an undertaking already. but that's the reason i'm here, right?


  1. i love the little slide shows!

  2. i love that you are taking the kenna group self portraits international!

    photos look great! can't wait to see them all! are you putting them on your flickr site too?

  3. Hey Kenna,
    Love the images and the blog. Makes me miss Aussie! Figi looks beautiful. You're making me very jealous with your travels as I sit in an office on a rainy Friday in Feb. in Seattle. Keep us posted!