Dec 31, 2007


Off we go!

Ariella, Susan and I depart LA tonight (new year's eve) for Fiji. By design, we'll toast to the new year above the clouds, as we skip over the dateline giving away our Jan 1 to begin our round the world journey in Fiji early morning Jan 2. We're hoping the plane will be fairly empty so we can have our own dance party, for who else chooses to fly from LA to Fiji on new year's eve?

i have said many farewells, but no good-byes, as i'll be back to see all of you friends and fam in 2009 (or hopefully see you along the way)!

my sincere thanks to all of you who have helped me arrive at this departure date. whether it be moving boxes from my condo (or storing them), passing on travel tips/words of wisdom from your own journeys, reminding me of "safety first," emailing your contacts for us to meet up with somewhere around the world, or just saying "good on ya!" -- your energy, support and well wishes have furthered my confidence in taking on this adventure.

Happy New Year - here's to health, happiness and growth in 2008!

Westward Ho!


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  2. happy trails and happy 2008!


    can't wait to see you in europe!
    and read about your adventures in the meantime!

  3. Happy Travels, Kenna! All our love and luck as you begin this fantastic adventure! Mandy starts on her sail to Costa Rica tomorrow where she'll be for about a month. I'm sending all my travel angels to watch over all of you!!!

    Love, Terry